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Amanda Reed MS, RD


Hi- I’m Amanda!

Over the years, my love for health and nutrition has evolved from an interest, to a passion, to a career.

After completing my Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition, along with my Dietetic Internship at New York University I began to practice counseling patients in hospitals, in corporate wellness settings and individually. While counseling, I realized that prevention is key to growing and delivering a healthy baby. The decisions we make on a daily basis before, during or after pregnancy, affect our life and future wellbeing. 

I am here to help you on your health journey before, during or after pregnancy. I am here to clear up confusion on what to eat to fuel you and your baby and provide you with motivational tools to keep you on the right track of your health and wellness journey.


I am here to help YOU!

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"Amanda's 12-week program provided me with support, confidence, and gave me the tools in order to deliver a healthy and happy baby!" 

-Sandra Z

"I was so confused about what to eat and how much to eat that was enough to support me and my growing baby. Amanda provided me with the tools to feel like I was doing the right thing."

- Samantha T

"With Amanda's guidance, i learned how to balance my blood sugar throughout my pregnancy. I felt like I had a nutrition coach in my back pocket throughout the entire 12 week program"

-Nicole M

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